7 Day Jeep Hire


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If you wish to tour Cambodia there is no better way than one of our jeeps. You have control of your adventure for a week.

We will drop off your jeep to you hotel at 8am on 1st day of rental and pick it up 7 days later

Here is a list of essential information for you and what we require:

  1. copy of passport
  2. copy of driving licence
  3. online deposit of $300. This is returned after we have inspected vehicle
  4. do not drink and drive. The consequences are severe
  5. do not attempt to take jeep out of Cambodia.
  6. do not let anyone who is not licensed to drive jeep
  7. the jeep must be returned clean and undamaged. Take your own pictures when jeep is delivered
  8. do NOT take the jeep off road it is not an ATV. There are areas of Cambodia with enexploded ordinance